Hello friends, I’m Rusiru Abhisheak, and in this post, I write what is the 51% attack, how it actually works and what are things that attacker can do if they execute the 51% attack in the blockchain system.

The 51% Attack

What does it really mean if a person in a blockchain system has 51% hashing power?

It means that the person who has 51% hashing power can mine…

Before we talk about the top 3 programming languages, let us identify what programming language is. In a simple term, a programming language is a set of instructions to a computer to execute. According to the Wikipedia definition,

Now we know what a programming language is. So, why should you learn it. As humans, we always communicate with others using a language like English, Spanish, Italy etc. In real life, by using a language we can give instructions or we can get information from…

When we implement applications with Node JS, Mongo DB is not always the best data storage option. Most of the production level applications use relational databases. But how we can build applications using relational databases in Node JS with the following best practices. In this post, I will give one of the most popular and powerful API namely Sequelize for Node JS to implement applications with relational databases.

What is Sequelize API?

Sequelize is a promise-based Node JS Object Relational Mapping (ORM) for databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres and SQLite. Sequelize follows Semantic Versioning and support Node JS version 10 and above.

What is ORM?


Hello friends, I’m Rusiru Abhisheak and in this blog, I’m going to write about how actually Redux works behind the scene.

Before we learn behind the scene of Redux, we necessitate knowing what is it.

Redux is an open-source JavaScript library for managing the application state. Everything that is needed to keep the application up and running is called the state of the application. By using Redux we can build more complex user interfaces for web, desktop and mobile applications by managing the state of that application. Redux is most popular and most commonly used with…

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